In our everyday life, and as customers, we are spoilt for choice. Vanilla or chocolate? Live or on demand? Work from home or the office?

Some decisions are fast and instinctive, but others need time and information, so that an informed – and ultimately good – decision can be made.

When choosing a facilities management partner, we understand that our customers have a decision to make regarding who they work with. We’ve pulled together our ‘elevator pitch’, highlighting why businesses choose to trust us with their facilities management needs.


1.       A history of success

We have been providing commercial cleaning and support services for over three decades, aiming to enhance the places in which people work and live.

​Over that time, we have built a diverse portfolio of loyal clients who rely on us to consistently deliver the best service. We have worked with the BBC, the NHS, and Marriott , to name just a few across a wide variety of sectors.

Our excellent reputation and consistency mean that clients actively come to us to provide new or additional services. For example, iQ Student Accommodation contacted us on the strength of our experience to provide an intensive turnaround clean at a number of locations before the arrival of new students. Our relationship has since evolved, and in 2021 our teams were responsible for cleaning over 3,000 rooms and 800 kitchens over an 8-week period for iQ Student Accommodation.

Jenni Neal, Operations Manager at iQ Student Accommodation, said: “We were impressed with Tudor Group’s response, planning and attention to detail. Ultimately, they delivered a fantastic result; we are delighted.”

2.       Values that matter

We have five core values that underpin our business and help to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Here’s how they translate into practical action:

3.       Safety is certain

We’ve always chosen to adopt best practice concerning health and safety. Our specialist cleaning is undertaken by IS0 9001-compliant, certified operators using the latest machinery and equipment.

Our team is highly skilled. Every technician is certified and trained to IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) specifications. Our rope access work is performed in full compliance with BS 7985.

Our services are tailored to site-specific requirements, from the design of a solution right through to delivery, and our teams are equipped with the necessary safety clothing and materials to work on-site, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

4.       Sustainable services

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) plan is ingrained in our daily actions as a company. It is a policy applied in our organisation at all levels, with clear examples of how we work to improve the environment and society.

Examples of how we do this include looking at ways we can reduce our electricity and water usage, and our proactive energy conservation agenda involves exchanging less efficient lighting with energy-saving LED bulbs.

The Tudor Group partners with an ISO 14001-accredited refuse collection service with a policy that all waste goes to an energy plant instead of a landfill. Any paper and cardboard we use are taken to a recycling unit.

You’ll see our staff using sustainable products for cleaning, including Tersano’s SAO, a natural cleaning product made from nothing but water and oxygen, and we are committed to electrifying our vehicle fleet by 2030.

Our social commitments are important, respecting those who work for us and helping to improve the communities in which we operate. It was with pride that we became a Recognised Service Provider for The Living Wage, which pays staff more than the mere government minimum.

The Greater Manchester Social Value Programme allows us to contribute to the local areas we love, whilst we work with chosen charities to help improve the lives of others.

5.       Innovative

We are a pioneer in the commercial cleaning sector, embracing new, innovative approaches where they can achieve fantastic results for our customers.

We were among Manchester’s first window cleaning companies to adopt abseiling practices that gave us secure access to structures and locations out of reach through conventional cleaning practices.

6.       A bespoke solution

We provide solutions that meet our clients’ immediate needs. There is no one-size-fits all service at the Tudor Group. Instead, we listen carefully to challenges and considerations before producing a tailored action plan.

For example, we were pleased to create and deliver a customised recovery programme to support Transport for Greater Manchester’s workforce and clients returning to work following the pandemic.

7.       Technology for efficiency

We use a cloud-based system called JobWatch from BigChange for our resource planning, allowing our colleagues to easily access all the relevant details for the job at hand. This dynamic software also allows straightforward examination and acceptance of RAMS before work commencement.

Work is approved on a handheld device, so we can be confident it has been completed to our stringent standards and to the satisfaction of our clients.

The system also features a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) facility, making it simple for clients to reach us and providing an online interface for appointment reservation.

Our compliance management software – MY Compliance – enables us to manage and archive our files, papers and logs in the cloud, where any authorised staff member can view them on an app. This service also lets us use QR codes to digitally access essential aspects of site documentation, such as SHEQ details.

By using these innovative and secure electronic platforms, we streamline many administrative processes and focus our time instead on the core needs of our customers.

8.       Operating across the UK

Since the Tudor Group family extends across the United Kingdom, we can bring many services to thousands of communities. Understanding the unique demands of an area is vital to procuring the best solutions to the problems they face.

For instance, Manchester-based JX3 Support Services is now part of the Tudor Group, meaning we have further strengthened our ties within the North West, as well as the South West, with the acquisition of cleaning and support services business Solutions FM in Bristol, and AQS in Cardiff. These strong links allow us to choose local, trusted contractors and liaise with local government whilst supporting the purchase of goods from the community.

9.       A comprehensive service

The Tudor Group family is a host of trusted companies with whom we partnered based on their professionalism.

For instance, global medical device manufacturer Zimmer Biomet trust AQS – part of the Tudor Group – to deliver cleaning at its Bridgend factory. Specialist training was given to the team due to the nature of the site as a medical facility.

Global real estate management company Savills appointed Tudor Group family member Solutions-FM as a Tier 1 approved service partner for cleaning and support services too.

Further, we partner with the nation’s largest listed residential letting agency: Grainger. This activity spans 10 locations in several urban areas and comprises a suite of services including hard and soft facilities support. At Grainger, we achieve success through multiple service lines, showcasing the breadth of our services.

10.       One powerful force

Our Managing Director, Fabien Caqueret, sums up our tenth point:

“We are one company. Our operations are split across four brands, but we are one powerful force. Our four centres of excellence work together to deliver unbeatable facilities management services to all our clients.

“At the Tudor Group, we’re very proud of the organisation we’ve built. We’re known as a comprehensive partner for those who need exceptional facilities management services.”

If you need first-rate facilities management services, e-mail the Tudor Group or telephone us on 0161 789 3550. We’ll listen to your exact requirements to build the bespoke plan that’s right for you.