At the Tudor Group, we see environmental and social responsibility as core goals. We are also committed to defining and maintaining the high standards of corporate governance needed to achieve those goals. To ensure this, we have recently published a detailed ESG strategy (click here to read the full plan).

What is ESG?

ESG means creating a specific plan and set of commitments, so that the impact your organisation has on the world is measurable, with goals you have set yourself being checked objectively. ESG standards measure the impact an organisation has on the environment and on society, as well as measuring how robust and transparent the organisation’s governance is.

  • Environmental – can involve looking at a company’s activities and its use of products, materials, vehicles and energy, its waste management and its carbon footprint
  • Social – doing what you can to ensure outcomes like fairness, equality and safety for people you can affect such as staff, customers and your local community
  • Governance – full and transparent reporting, and documented decision-making processes are key to meeting the goals listed above, and to engaging in business ethically

Environmental commitments

Our environmental policy defines specific principles, goals and priorities, with the aim of ensuring our impact on the environment is sustainable in both the short and the long term.

  • We monitor our energy and water consumption, and report the figures to the board and our investors
  • We have an active energy reduction programme, involving the replacement of less efficient light sources with low-energy LED lighting
  • We use an approved and ISO 14001 certified waste management contractor, and have a programme to ensure 100% of our general waste is diverted from landfill to an energy plant
  • 100% of our paper and cardboard goes to a recycling plant
  • We use the most sustainable products such as Tersano’s SAO, a natural cleaning product made from nothing but water and oxygen
  • We are committed to electrifying our vehicle fleet by 2030, and we use the BigChange software package to maximise the efficiency of fleet operations
  • We work with the not-for-profit My Carbon Plan and are committed to offsetting 100% of our Scope 1 and Scope 2 activities

Social commitments

The Tudor Group sees fairness as a core company value, and aims to create a safe, inclusive and stimulating work environment for our people, built on management listening as much as they speak, and all staff recognising we function within a context – a community around us.

  • We are a Recognised Service Provider for the Living Wage Foundation, and pay all staff the real Living Wage, not the government’s lower National Living Wage
  • Health Assured supports our staff through a structured Employee Assistance Programme
  • We carefully select and vet our suppliers and subcontractors, to ensure they share our values in areas such as equality, inclusivity and environmental awareness
  • When recruiting, we engage with local job centres and non-profit organisations such as The Growth Company and Forces Recruitment
  • We work with chosen charities Mustard Tree, The National Autistic Society and Mind Cymru, as well as working with local communities as part of Greater Manchester’s Social Value Programme

Governance standards

Our company values are fairness, safety, quality, passion and accountability, and we aim to deliver those with governance structures that emphasise honest, two-way communication, a culture of integrity and a corporate norm that staff are rewarded rather than punished for reporting problems, as well as unlawful or unethical behaviour.

  • We are certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (note – there have been several acquisitions recently for The Tudor Group, so in some cases, we are working to bring all parts of the group under unified certification)
  • We have numerous formal policies in areas such as Health and Safety, Equality Diversity and Inclusion, Whistleblowing, Safeguarding and many more
  • In particular, we have extremely strict policies against discrimination and harassment
  • We have formal, permanent committees overseeing Safety, Colleague Engagement and ESG

Rarely can one individual or even one company change the world all on their own, but here at The Tudor Group, we recognise the principle that if all individuals and all companies each make an effort, then the world really will change. We feel we can say with honesty and pride that we are doing our bit.

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