The Tudor Group has recently implemented a significant team restructure to serve our clients better and promote growth within the company.

The new structure will deliver yet more customer-centric leadership, service expertise, and a robust platform for expansion.


North/South integration

Headed by our Operations Director, Colin Fox, the integration of our daily cleaning services in the  North and South of the UK is crucial to our restructuring. As these services consolidate under one leadership team, we can streamline our operations, ensure consistency across areas, and offer a more comprehensive service to our clients.

We have also made some changes to our sector cleaning teams too:

·       Education

The education sector requires a specialised approach, and Anna Psztyk now heads this core division. With a focus on providing bespoke cleaning services for schools, colleges, and universities, this ring-fencing strategy ensures that our education clients receive the expertise and attention they deserve.

·       Event Cleaning

Chris Williams leads our event cleaning services division, which provides tailored solutions for a wide range of events, from concerts and exhibitions to corporate functions. By ring-fencing this area, we can guarantee impeccable service and maintain the highest standards of cleanliness at every event we manage.

·       Window Cleaning

Under Jamie Farrell’s leadership, our window cleaning services division focuses on providing expert, high-quality window cleaning solutions for commercial and residential properties. This dedicated team uses the latest technology and techniques to ensure all windows are spotlessly clean and streak-free.

·       Corporate Accounts

Stephen Squires oversees our corporate accounts, ensuring our clients receive the highest service and support. With a dedicated Corporate Accounts Manager, we can dedicate resources and expertise to managing these critical relationships and delivering exceptional service to our corporate clients.

·      Growing the team

Our restructure includes the addition of several new team members, each bringing their unique skills and experience to the Tudor Group:

  • Andy Burge, Operations Manager South: With over 23 years of experience in the industry, Andy joins the team to help drive growth in the southern region. His commitment to excellence and customer-focused approach renders him a valuable addition to our team.
  • Emma Fox, Operations Admin Manager: Emma oversees the operations admin team, ensuring efficient and effective support for our daily operations. Her strong organisational skills and attention to detail are crucial in maintaining our high service standards.
  • New Admin Team: Comprising Danny, Angela, and Alison in the North and Sam and Roxanna in the South, our new admin team members are integral to the smooth functioning of the Tudor Group. With less than six months in the business, they have already helped boost productivity and helped to streamline processes.
  • John O’Donnell, Head of Technical Services: An internal promotion from within the JX3 team, John now leads our technical services division, with focus on hard services such as gas, electric, plumbing, and lifts.


How this benefits our customers

With our new staff members in place, we can provide better support and service to our clients across all sectors. Our experienced and dedicated team members – familiar or new – facilitate the continuation of the high service standards and bespoke solutions for which the Tudor Group is renowned.

Our increased productivity and streamlined processes enable us to handle more projects without sacrificing quality or attention to detail. This translates to faster response times and improved efficiency for our clients, ensuring their needs are met promptly and effectively.


Reaching high

The restructure also promotes growth within the Tudor Group, meaning more clients and service portfolio expansion. As we grow, our clients benefit from our expanded capabilities and resources and our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of work.

The changes we’ve made also encourage further collaboration and communication between teams. By having clearly defined roles and responsibilities, team members can more easily coordinate their efforts and share knowledge and best practices. This collaborative environment fosters innovation, problem-solving, and continuous improvement within the company.

Fabien Caqueret, Managing Director, comments: “This restructuring represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide exceptional cleaning services and an outstanding customer experience.

“In refining our organisational structure, welcoming new team members, and focusing on each client’s specific needs, we are better positioned to deliver tailored solutions and foster solid and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

“With such a dedicated workforce and customer-centric approach, we look forward to continued growth and success.”

For further details on our work or to discuss a specific requirements for a project, do reach out to The Tudor Group.