Planning your cleaning needs in advance is always a great idea, but unexpected events such as floods, snow clearances, and emergency cleaning for that important VIP visit can arise at any time. A good facilities management partner should understand this and be prepared to provide fast and high-quality service whenever needed.

At the Tudor Group, we consider our team to be our greatest asset. In an industry where employee turnover can be high, we take pride in the fact that many of our colleagues have been with us for years. To ensure we are equipped to handle any cleaning task, we also prioritise continuous upskilling for our team, this allows us to be flexible and respond efficiently to fast-response projects. Here are some examples of how we have met the urgent cleaning needs of our clients:

Métiers d’Art Chanel show (2023)

Chanel’s annual Métiers d’Art collections have debuted in exhibitions that have taken place in Paris, Tokyo, New York, and other global cities, so we were delighted that our home town of Manchester was chosen to be the venue for 2023.

Of course, under the international spotlight, everything needed to be absolutely right. Organisers turned to us at short notice to take responsibility for the outdoor location in trendy Thomas Street, plus the venue for the exclusive after-party. We’re no strangers to event cleaning of course – with the AQS team ensuring the National Stadium of Wales is looked after during big events – we understand the impact a clean facility has on the visitors’ experience.

No task is too big for our team, and we cracked on as usual, enjoying the special nature of the Chanel exhibition. The cleaning was a resounding success, and we are proud to have contributed to a large-scale event in our home city.

10 Temple Back (2020)

Several tenants in this prestigious office building in Bristol were subject to emergency challenges within the demised premises of their leases. Primarily, this related to water pipes that required replacing, with flooding occurring in relation to this.

We understand that urgency is required for these types of situations, and that everything needs to be resolved without delay to minimise inconvenience to tenants. Our team worked closely with the building manager, and on several occasions were on site within an hour, cleaning carpets and furniture, and returning the spaces involved to pristine condition quickly and efficiently.

Aztec Centre (2021)

The centre is a large, mixed-use property in Bristol. Upper floors are given over to office space, with a ground floor featuring a mix of restaurants, bars and shopping, plus a medical centre.

Flooding is often the cause of rapid response cleaning requests, and this was the case here once more. The centre was subject to three separate flood events, two adjacent to the retail units and one threatening luckily vacant offices above.

Again, our operatives were able to mobilise within one hour when called in without warning to address issues.

City Business Park (2023)

This multi-let industrial estate in Bristol changed hands in 2022. Not long afterwards, an important visit relating to the new ownership created a need for fast action. We were asked to address large sections of graffiti near the park, plus waste that had been dumped over time across the site and in nearby bushes.

Unfortunately, the waste included dangerous “sharps”, which therefore required safe disposal of these objects. We were able to respond directly with a team of accredited and fully trained operatives, who were able to resolve this challenging problem without delay.

Cardiff school clean-up (2023)

Schools are often the source of emergency call outs. These busy locations see intense use, combined with a strong need to ensure that interruptions to the curriculum are minimised.

Once again, plumbing was the issue, with a broken pipe and consequent flooding creating the need for a quick response. Some urgent jobs are relatively small, with our team expected to both arrive and complete the work quickly. This much larger flood saw the team on site for several hours, addressing the consequences of the initial incident.

All was once again ship shape when we left, however, allowing the school to resume use of the entire facility.

Why choose the Tudor Group for your rapid response cleaning needs?

Quick response projects are one of the most important aspects of the cleaning industry. For a school or business, a burst pipe may signal the most trying day in many years. Like the A&E nurse, we understand and remember that our daily work is your unique crisis. In the cases above and many more, we deliver consistent and meticulous service, resolving problems quickly and effectively, letting you get back to business as usual.

Whether the prompt is an unannounced visit from head office or storm damage, our agile and experienced team will be there to support you when you most need it.

If you require a specialist to address your rapid response cleaning needs, please get in touch using our contact page today (link).