Educational establishments, including schools, colleges, and universities, will all have varying requirements when it comes to facilities management. These institutions serve as centres of learning and places where students, staff, and visitors will often spend a significant amount of time.

It is important therefore that these environments are well-maintained, are clean and tidy and conducive to learning.

Distinct requirements met

At the Tudor Group, we have a wealth of experience in providing tailored cleaning solutions through our specialists at AQS, and have gained valuable insights into the specific challenges that educational institutions face. 

One such challenge is the high foot traffic. Maintaining cleanliness is a priority, with many students and staff moving throughout the building daily. Our teams implement efficient cleaning schedules and use appropriate cleaning techniques to mitigate disruption to facility use. 

Large communal areas, such as canteens and assembly halls, need special attention due to high usage. We maintain these areas to a high standard through professional cleaning leveraging the right equipment to keep communal places pristine. 

Educational establishments have specialised spaces, such as laboratories and IT suites, each with unique cleaning needs. The Tudor Group works hard to guarantee that they remain clean, hygienic, and conducive to learning. 

For instance, laboratory environments require stringent cleaning protocols and the safe disposal of hazardous materials, while IT suites necessitate proper cleaning techniques to prevent damage to delicate equipment. 

Then there are seasonal needs specific to schools and colleges, where deep cleaning during the summer break or maintaining cleanliness during examination periods is really valued. The Tudor Group offers bespoke services that meet these changing demands so that educational institutions get the best FM services with the least disruption to their core running. 

The specific services we bring 

We offer a wide range of cleaning services designed to meet the diverse needs of these establishments. Some of the most common services we provide include: 

  • Deep cleaning of classrooms, lecture halls, and laboratories 
  • Sanitising services for high-touch surfaces and communal areas 
  • Pressure washing and steam cleaning of external areas and walkways 
  • Cleaning of sports facilities and leisure centres 
  • Window cleaning, including hard-to-reach areas 
  • Building and technical services 
  • Event cleaning for conferences, seminars, and other gatherings 
  • Removal of chewing gum and graffiti. 

Our extensive experience in the education sector has enabled us to develop specific strategies and best practices tailored to the unique needs of these institutions. For example, we have learned the importance of flexibility and adaptability when working in educational environments as schedules and requirements may change frequently. 

Our specialist teams also understand the need to work closely with on-site facilities managers and other stakeholders to ensure seamless service delivery that aligns with an institution’s goals and objectives. 

Expertise in education FM 

Our specialist teams are also experienced in delivering cleaning services at student accommodation centres with clients including iQ Student Accommodation, Hello Student, and Cardiff University. 

We work across these locations to deliver deep cleaning services for university accommodation at the end of each academic year, in preparation for the wave of new students who will be occupying the rooms at the start of the new academic term. Cleaning on this scale requires, good communication, excellent planning and the right team in order to achieve success. 

Similarly, The Tudor Group has successfully provided cleaning services at the Universities of Liverpool, Cardiff, Manchester, and Sheffield, bringing tailored solutions and focusing on client satisfaction.

Indeed, last year our teams cleaned an incredible 3,500 rooms and 1,000 kitchens across four cities in only three months. 

Our work at Harper Adams University Agri-Tech Innovation Hub also showcases our ability to take on specialised cleaning projects in the education sector. 

The Agri-Tech building required a one-off deep clean, including removing algae from the external façade, cleaning internal glazing on the atrium, and deep cleaning the warehouse area. 

A vision for learning

The Tudor Group firmly believes in providing clean, well-maintained spaces where people can learn, work, and play. Our commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction drives our approach to support the education sector, ensuring that students, faculty, and staff have access to comfortable learning environments. 

As the education sector continues to evolve, The Tudor Group is committed to bringing health and safety, sustainability and quality to its services there. Our dedication to providing exceptional service and our passion for creating well-maintained learning spaces position us as valuable allies in supporting the growth and development of educational institutions across the country. 

For information on how The Tudor Group can satisfy the specific demands in your sector, just contact us, and we’ll explain our effective, customised approach.