Unique challenges exist when providing cleaning and other FM services for historic buildings, but the difficulties are matched by singular reasons to attend to the work carefully. High standards of care can prevent the degradation of a valued site, ensuring that it passes to the next generation in the best condition.

The importance of consistent facilities management

Hygiene and maintenance are important in all cases, but historic locations are of extra significance, giving life to communities and attracting those who wish to visit or even settle. Therefore, keeping those places in visually impressive condition is therefore of extra importance.

Unaddressed issues can also be the cause of a variety of further problems. Stonework can be permanently damaged by airborne particles and salt left in place. Grime works as a barrier, holding in water that encourages organic growth, as well as leading to damp and frost damage. Nuisances caused by people, such as graffiti, tend to attract more of the same unless addressed.

Good professional cleaners will also note and report areas where dirt and other matter keeps recurring more than elsewhere. This build-up may be the result of structural or other damage that needs to be addressed.

Challenges in historic locations

Tight and narrow spaces are more likely to be found in older buildings. Such restrictions add to the difficulty of any cleaning and maintenance task, so a confident professional hand from a specialist with relevant experience is welcome. Paintings and other objects within the space may indicate the need for extra care, too. Inside and out, materials may be more delicate than in modern structures.

“We recently carried out graffiti removal on a grade two listed building in Altrincham. To preserve the exterior of the building, a high heat but low pressure clean was chosen,” explains Jamie Farrell, Window Cleaning Manager at the Tudor Group. “With buildings of this type, the exterior is often made of softer materials such as limestone. Similarly, when we cleaned a listed building owned by Aston University in Birmingham, we used super-heated steam where a high-pressure jet wash would have been the standard technique.”

Well-kept, clean windows are one of the most basic requirements for your location giving a positive impression. Windows in older sites need extra care, being less likely to feature double glazing and have Oddly-shaped or smaller panes.

Use the right tools and materials

Modern cleaning solutions are engineered for efficiency at battling dirt. The harsh chemicals involved can be highly damaging to old and delicate surfaces. Gentle patience using softer brushes and cleaning instruments may be needed, with several restrained passes at the work replacing one more vigorous action.

The more tools available to those tasked with cleaning and maintenance, the more they will be able to select for the least damaging and intrusive option.

When we complete window cleaning, for example, upper windows can be tackled from the safety of the ground using the long poles of our Reach and Wash system. For the highest elevations, we have other options such as our 25-metre and 33-metre vehicle-mounted access platforms. Not only do these systems keep our people safe, they avoid the danger to structures inherent in someone clinging on firmly as they scour the outside of a window from within.

A trusted partner

If you turn to the Tudor Group for cleaning and other facilities management, you are entrusting your space to professionals with thorough experience of maintaining listed buildings. We know the regulations that must be followed, both in general and those specific to these spaces. Any such job is preceded by a careful site and risk assessment. The methods and materials to be used will be set out clearly and presented to our client well in advance of any work, which will not proceed without sign-off.

You may look to us for regular facilities management, but we are more than happy to complete a one-off general clean or a specialist service such as guttering or a deep or steam clean. All clients can be assured of the same consistent standards of care, thoroughness and attention to detail.


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