Securing new contracts is always a significant achievement for any business, marking not only growth but a testimony to the trust and credibility that clients place in the company’s services.

In the last quarter, the Tudor Group has won a series of contracts that echo this sentiment, further establishing our place as a nationwide leader in professional cleaning and specialist FM services.

Expanding our Horizons

Fifty5ive Queen Street is more than a residential complex; it’s a symbol of modern urban living at the intersection of Salford and Manchester. Tudor Group has recently been awarded the window cleaning contract for this vibrant community.

The technical requirements include a mix of reach and wash work, higher-level cleaning, and coordinating various elements with precision. With machinery hire, coordinated operations, and an attentive approach to the building’s complex structure, this contract is not just about maintaining appearances but enhancing a lifestyle.

The University of York’s campus-wide window cleaning contract showcases the Tudor Group’s ability to handle extensive and varied tasks. The prestigious contract covers a huge 500-acre campus divided into nine colour-coordinated zones.

The rigorous tender process included a walk round on-site, understanding the complexities and detailed requirements of over a hundred sites, including residential, leisure, and academic buildings. This process allowed us to demonstrate our capabilities to provide a bespoke solution that led to the university inviting us to present our proposal.

From sustainability to service delivery, our unique approach to cleaning resonated with the ethos of the university. Securing this contract was a big team effort, and its potential four-year duration signifies a partnership based on trust and expertise.

Aston University in Birmingham presents a distinct challenge with its self-contained 60-acre campus. Such a huge window cleaning tender for all academic buildings demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a place of learning and innovation.

From abseil work to using cherry picker equipment, each building requires a tailored approach. Our pre-graduation site clean and the ongoing summer cleaning programme, comprising 12 buildings, reflects our adaptability and commitment to maintaining the high standards the university prides itself on. The Aston University contract stresses the importance of synergy between the site’s needs and our innovative cleaning techniques, building a foundation for long-term collaboration.

Noma in Angel Square, Manchester, is a commercial office complex forming part of a new multi-purpose neighbourhood for living, working and innovation in the heart of Manchester. The building, with its unusual shape, required a level of creativity and technical prowess. This window cleaning contract, worth an estimable sum, demanded an intricate understanding of the brand-new glass building. It required abseil work, an on-site cradle system, and traditional methods for the lower parts of the building.

Our existing relationship with Aston Services Group facilitated this contract, allowing us to integrate our window cleaning expertise into their all-round FM work at the building. This partnership speaks volumes about our ability to provide complementary services, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of commercial spaces.

Hippo Digital are a digital consultancy based in Leeds. Our recent contract win to provide daily office cleaning demonstrates our multifaceted approach to service delivery. Delivered in conjunction with JX3 Support Services – under the Tudor umbrella – this high-level contract showcases our ability to work with other innovative companies.

Demonstrating Excellence

Our company’s success in winning large, long-term contracts, such as The University of York and Aston University is a testament to our expertise in the complexities of the procurement process. From the initial tender walk rounds, clearly articulating our unique service delivery and sustainability plans, to providing bespoke solutions tailored to each client’s needs, we’ve honed a process that is both strategic and adaptive.

This proficiency goes beyond mere cost estimation; it encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the technical requirements, sustainability concerns, client expectations, and the ability to present these in a cohesive and compelling manner.

Our extensive experience and attention to detail not only allow us to compete effectively but also position us as a trusted partner in the eyes of our clients, setting the stage for fruitful, long-term relationships. It’s not just about winning contracts; it’s about building partnerships rooted in competence, credibility, and shared vision.

A Premier Partner

Mackenzie Hope, Business Development Manager at the Tudor Group, says: “These new contracts represent more than just business growth; they symbolise the trust, reputation, and commitment that define the Tudor Group.

“Each contract, with its unique challenges and opportunities, has allowed us to showcase our technical expertise, innovative solutions, and customer-centric approach. We are already channelling our energy and skills to fulfil these responsibilities with the excellence for which we are known.

“The hard work and diligence that have led to these successes are driving forces for our future, inspiring us to continue enriching the spaces where people live, work and play.”

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