Post-Covid, it’s hard to know what the New Normal will be for office-life. With our working situations as changeable as the Coronavirus variants, it’s difficult to confidently predict what our offices and workplaces will look like in 2022. Will they be WFH-empty? Or full of a ‘happy to be back with colleagues’ workforce?

Regardless of the ever-changing story, businesses and employers need to keep their buildings safe, and that means keeping them clean. We believe the key to daily office cleaning in these still uncertain times is flexibility: flexing the resource when and where it’s required. That many companies will now move to the work from home/work from the office hybrid model, that there may be less people in the workplace at the same time, and that hot-desking may be prevalent now. All these factors – and more – impact on cleaning: what we do and when we do it.

Daily office cleaning

What we do

Daily office cleaning now focuses on key touchpoints: door handles, lifts, the areas people are more likely to touch in a building. People want reassurance that those areas have not only been fully-cleaned the night before, but also sanitised during the day. The same applies to hot desks — people need to know they’ve been cleaned since the last person used them.

There’s also a tendency to make cleaning more visible now. Cleaning was often described an invisible service, but now people like the idea of seeing our teams busy cleaning and sanitising their workplace.

This of course impacts on when we do our daily clean.

When we do it

In the past, cleaning may have been done in the evening: between 6pm and 9pm, a team of cleaners would clean an entire workspace — with a daytime housekeeper, in a large enough office, to keep on top of day-to-day mess and spillages. Now, our daytime cleaning presence needs to be seen — and to be seen focusing on touchpoints and sanitisation. The evening cleaners, if there is an evening shift, still focus on deep cleaning the key areas.

When we clean is down to the individual client. One business might want a wider cleaning programme to supplement the daily office clean regime. Perhaps once a month a sanitisation programme is required where a specialist cleaning team come in and fog the whole place with an approved disinfectant and sanitiser. Back to flexibility, if Monday and Thursdays are busy office days, then on the less-busy days we would deep-clean, sanitise and fog. If a client has a constant daily cleaning resource throughout five days of the week, on the quieter days we can undertake the more disruptive cleaning activities.

Another pandemic-driven change to daily cleaning practices is that our clients want to know more about where the products we use are coming from. Coronavirus has focused our minds on helping create a better, healthier world — and that of course includes our working environment. We reassure our clients through our supply chain — using ethical products and designing Green Clean programmes for customers that require them.

At the Tudor Group, we aim to brighten places where people live, work and play. While we can’t know the exact figures, we do know more people will be back in the workplace – even if only for a few days a week – and those workplaces need to be spotless: for employee health but also for business wellbeing. We really believe cleaning has a strategic impact on companies — helping them hit their broader objectives of staff retention, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and, by association, new business growth and price increases. Our thorough approach results in safer buildings and healthier building users — which, in turn, improves customer satisfaction and our clients’ reputation.

To that end, if you’re looking at renewing your daily office cleaning, this is what we can offer you. From office cleaning to kitchen portering, from waste disposal services to replenishing hygiene supplies, from washrooms to car showrooms, from communal areas to restaurants, we have been delivering outstanding professional cleaning and support services for over 30 years — to clients across the UK from our offices in Manchester and Cardiff.

As our Operations Manager Sue Norman says: ‘Daily office cleaning now is about flexing your schedule and the specification to best meet the needs of the building and the users. Our clients are asking us to carry on with daily cleaning and to offer that little bit more to make everyone feel happy and safe at work.’

Our professional cleaning staff all adhere to the standards set by the worldwide cleaning industry association, the ISSA, and the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc).

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