As a country, we are all aware of the threat of climate change. Companies must prioritise sustainability and lower their carbon footprint to meet our net-zero target.

Investors and consumers are increasingly looking for businesses that consider sustainable practices – in a recent survey, 78% of cleaning businesses expected the sustainability of their products and business practices to be the highest priority for their customers in the next year.

Even as a relatively smaller business, at Tudor Group the changes we have made to our processes, and the improvements we have made through new initiatives over number of years, have ensured that working in a responsible and sustainable way is woven into our culture.

No overstated claims

Working in a responsible, environmentally friendly way doesn’t mean grand, overstated gestures – small changes add up.

In the rush to demonstrate sustainable practices, there is a risk of businesses being less than transparent when it comes to the claims they are making. Businesses that say they’re undertaking greener practices when they aren’t, or make ambiguous claims about their environmental record, is a mounting problem for consumers and businesses alike, as it erodes trust and makes it harder to recognise organisations genuinely dedicated to sustainability.

According to an investigation by The Independent, the number of adverts pulled for greenwashing tripled between 2021 and 2022. Companies nationwide have used greenwashing tactics to make themselves appear more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

For example, some companies may make claims such as ‘environmentally conscious’ or ‘green’ without providing concrete evidence to support these claims. Environmental agendas may be described as ‘goals’ and ‘values’ without evidence that these abstract ideals are being realised.

Actions speak louder

Deceptive statements about environmental performance damage confidence in the sector and undermine the credibility of genuine sustainability work. Companies must embrace transparency and responsibility in their environmental initiatives to counter this tide.

By acting openly, companies can show their long-standing dedication to sustainability and establish trust with the public and shareholders.

At the Tudor Group, ESG principles are integrated into our corporate culture, as detailed in our ESG strategy. This document was guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 17 objectives designed to deliver a sustainable future for everyone everywhere.

For instance, we have introduced eco-friendly cleaning agents and chemical-free solutions, such as Tersano’s Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO), to cut down on disposable plastics and wrapping. We diligently select contractors and supply chain relationships that emphasise green business practices and responsible sourcing, initiatives that have reduced the business’s environmental footprint.

Working with local job centres and not for profit organisations such as the Growth Company to recruit have formed part of the Tudor Group recruitment strategy for some time, and we have been proudly working with the Living Wage Foundation as a Recognised Service Provider for over four years.

Getting it right matters

As public expectations have increased, those that prioritise the environment and act transparently will be well placed in an era where customers seek out companies with a purpose beyond profit.

Environmental action can deliver cost savings, improved efficiency and a more stable supply chain. By minimising waste and power consumption, businesses can reduce running costs and improve profitability.

It isn’t just corporate megaliths that have a role to play in protecting the environment. Smaller companies can make a significant difference over time by introducing simple measures, such as limiting waste or choosing more sustainable materials.

The planet is paramount

The Tudor Group is proactively engaged in setting the standard for integrating ESG principles into everything we do. Our dedication to ESG is not just lip service, but a core conviction that guides our actions and decisions.

Our Managing Director, Fabien Caqueret, believes the environment must always be a primary consideration:

“At the Tudor Group, environmental stewardship is not just a corporate buzzword. It is a reflection of our core beliefs and ambitions as people. To live sustainably is to recognise our inherent responsibility to the natural world.”

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