National Apprenticeship Week (5th – 11th February 2024), highlights pathways towards skill development, career advancement, and economic growth.

Within the Facilities Management (FM) sector, this means spotlighting the vital role apprenticeships play in nurturing talent and building the framework that supports businesses and communities.

Understanding Facilities Management

Facilities Management includes a wide range of disciplines aimed at ensuring the functionality, safety, and efficiency of built environments. From overseeing maintenance and security, to managing sustainability initiatives and space utilisation, FM professionals are the unsung heroes behind the seamless operation of offices, hospitals, schools, and beyond.

The value of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships offer a hands-on approach to learning that combines practical experience with theoretical knowledge. In the FM sector, where skills such as problem-solving, adaptability, and technical proficiency are paramount, apprenticeships provide an invaluable avenue for individuals to gain real-world expertise while earning a wage.

National Apprenticeship Week fosters partnerships between employers, educational institutions, and aspiring professionals. Through structured apprenticeship programs, individuals are equipped with the competencies needed to navigate the complexities of modern FM, from leveraging IoT solutions for predictive maintenance to implementing sustainable practices that reduce environmental impact.

Meet Tudor Group apprentice Ellen Moran, Assistant Management Accountant

At the Tudor Group we’re committed to supporting the next generation of talent, and caught up with one of our apprentices, Ellen Moran, to find out what attracted her to the position and how the apprenticeship will help her realise her career ambitions.

TG: Hi Ellen! How long have you been working for the Tudor Group, and what appealed to you about the role?

EM: I joined in September 2022 as Assistant Management Accountant. I could see that there would be potential growth within the role, and the study support was well linked to the position, so I knew the experience would benefit both my career and my studies.

TG: What do your duties at the Tudor Group include?

EM: At the moment, I am predominantly involved with preparing management accounts, which helps to analyse the performance of the business.

TG: What type of vocational qualification are you studying for, and what will it allow you to do?

EM: I’m studying for an ACCA qualification in Accountancy, a professional accounting qualification. After I’m qualified, I’ll be a Chartered Qualified Accountant, so I can go onto positions such as Financial Controller or Financial Director.

Empowering the next generation

At its core, National Apprenticeship Week is about empowering the next generation of talent to thrive in dynamic industries like FM. By offering apprenticeships, employers not only invest in the future of their organisations, but also contribute to the socioeconomic fabric of their communities.

In a time where we’re experiencing rapid technological advancement and shifting workplace patterns, the adaptability of the FM sector hinges on its ability to embrace innovation. Apprenticeships serve as a catalyst for innovation, bringing fresh perspectives and cutting-edge skills into the industry, paving the way for FM professionals to stay ahead of the curve and drive meaningful change in how facilities are managed and maintained.

Recognising the role of apprenticeships

As National Apprenticeship Week begins, here at the Tudor Group we celebrate the role apprenticeships play in shaping the future of the Facilities Management sector. By bridging the skills gap, empowering the next generation, and fostering industry resilience, apprenticeships unlock a world of opportunities for both individuals and organisations alike.

Fabien Caqueret, Managing Director, comments: “We are committed to building a workforce that is skilled, diverse, and primed to tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s built environment.

“Joining the team in 2022, Ellen has become a vital member of our team, working within the Finance department to support our busy colleagues with the preparation of management accounts.

“We’re delighted to be able to support apprenticeships and have no doubt Ellen will go from strength to strength as her studies and career progress.”

To find out more about how we work, or to enquire about vacancies within our team, please get in touch.