With over 25 years’ experience working at some of the largest corporate organisations in the cleaning and facilities management industry, Fabien Caqueret joined the Tudor Group in 2019 as Managing Director.

Driven to make a positive difference every day, Fabien shares insights into his principles – which revolve around prioritising people, fostering a values-driven culture, and delivering the best possible service to customers – and reflects on the unique qualities that set Tudor Group apart.

Tell us about your experience joining Tudor Group and what you see as your purpose

Five years ago, I joined Tudor Group, a business that had been around for three decades; since then, I’ve been on a mission to make a meaningful difference to our customers and to our staff.

For me, it’s all about making an impact within our industry and beyond. It’s about the people we employ, the customers we serve, and the communities we’re a part of. I’ve come to realise that our actions as leaders have a ripple effect on countless lives. It’s not just about cleaning offices and windows; it’s about leaving a positive mark that extends far beyond the surface.

What are your principles and how do you demonstrate these at Tudor Group?

Shortly after joining Tudor Group, I established five core values that reflect our aspirations and principles: quality, safety, accountability, fairness and passion; for me, it’s about creating a culture that truly embodies what we stand for.

I believe in the importance of prioritising people, fostering a values-driven culture, and embracing technological advancements and sustainability imperatives.

These principles serve as guiding lights towards sustainable growth and are a key reason why Tudor Group continues to offer the best possible service to its clients and why we have such a motivated and engaged workforce.

What would you say sets the Tudor Group apart?

What sets us apart from other cleaning companies is our adaptability to clients’ needs and our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our workforce goes above and beyond, happily going the extra mile to ensure every customer is satisfied. Moreover, our dedication to training ensures that every member of our team, from daily cleaners to window operatives working at height, is equipped with the necessary skills and accreditations to excel in their roles.

We’re proud to have a dedicated and diligent workforce. We empower our staff to look for areas of improvement and encourage their views and ideas. They are best placed to see where a small change could make a big difference, after all.

What is your approach to sustainability?

Sustainability is a major focus for me, and at the Tudor Group, we’re constantly discussing ways to minimise our environmental footprint. This includes efforts to reduce our use of chemicals, opting for water-based products whenever possible. We’re also working on cutting down on single-use plastics and finding ways to decrease water usage and miles travelled through efficient planning.

But sustainability isn’t just about being green. It’s about recognising the broader social impact of our actions. That’s why we’re committed to initiatives like paying the real living wage and supporting community projects in partnership with our customers. We also encourage volunteering among our team members to further engage with the communities we serve. I’m dedicated to making a positive impact beyond just reducing our use of chemicals, for example.

How do you see newer technologies changing the world of cleaning and facilities management?

Times are changing; we’re living in a world where robotics and AI are becoming more prevalent, and everything is on-demand. I believe that while technology can enhance the services we provide, it cannot replace the human touch, especially considering the importance of passion and customer service in our work.

Robots simply cannot deliver the same level of service or make the same impact on our communities as real humans can; there’s a unique quality to human interaction that technology just cannot replicate.

What do you think makes the Tudor Group special?

Our five core values – quality, safety, accountability, fairness, and passion – are at the heart of what we do, and I believe that these qualities are what truly make Tudor Group special. With a dedicated and passionate workforce empowered to make a difference, Tudor Group is not just cleaning buildings; we’re leaving a positive mark on the world around us.

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