Property management is an integral part of the property sector in Britain. It comprises the management, inspection and servicing of buildings to ensure they are secure, well-maintained and comply with relevant health and safety legislation.

Property managers can operate across a wide variety of property types, including residential, corporate and public sectors, and can deliver a host of services such as regulatory inspections, essential maintenance and sustainability guidance.

Such an important role has its challenges and each day, property managers will confront a range of situations, from demanding maintenance and cleaning schedules to ensuring their buildings are compliant, safe places to live and work.

At the Tudor Group, we are well equipped to provide property managers with the comprehensive support they need. Our extensive experience, high customer service levels and exceptional training make us the ideal partner for tackling these challenges.

Understanding the sector

At the Tudor Group, we are acutely conscious of the key issues that property managers face. A diverse demographic of tenants will naturally engender differing expectations. Then there’s the matter of complying with continually evolving regulations and the pressure to maintain a consistently high standards of service.

It’s vital for everyone in the property management industry to keep abreast of the latest technologies and industry trends. Property managers need to be agile and adaptable to stay ahead of the curve as new technologies emerge and customer expectations evolve.

At the Tudor Group, we were one of the first window cleaning companies in Manchester to use abseiling techniques to allow us to quickly mobilise and access tricky locations. We’ve always had our eye on the horizon, anticipating what will be the challenges of tomorrow and how we’ll meet them.

This specific service is naturally well received by those who manage high-rise buildings. Clean windows are important for property maintenance and can be difficult to access and clean, especially in tall structures.

Using these abseiling techniques, the Tudor Group can provide a window cleaning service that few others can achieve. Our investment in this technology ensures that tall buildings remain well-maintained and attractive to tenants and occupiers.

We appreciate that staff in this field must react swiftly and efficiently to emerging and unforeseen situations, such as damage to buildings or tenant grievances. This calls for a well-trained and resourceful team and efficient communication channels between property managers, tenants and service providers.

The Tudor Group can provide comprehensive support to property managers across a range of services, including window cleaning, daily cleaning, accommodation cleaning, event cleaning, specialist cleaning, building and technical assistance, and specialist FM support.

By taking on these responsibilities, we can alleviate pressure on property managers and ensure that their properties are running smoothly and efficiently. This support allows those managers to focus on their core responsibilities and deliver high-quality services to their clients and tenants.

A portfolio of successful service

Our partnerships are based on trust, transparency, and communication.

Showcasing these values, take our partnership with Grainger, the UK’s largest listed residential landlord. Grainger has a reputation for providing high-quality, professionally managed rental homes. Our role is to support that vision by providing services across its portfolio of ten key cities.

We provide numerous service lines across soft and hard FM, each building being assessed individually to offer a bespoke solution.

Our goal is to enable Grainger to achieve its vision by delivering exceptional services that not only meet but exceed their expectations. We had to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to health and safety, customer service, and operational excellence.

We scrutinise and evaluate our performance against stringent KPIs on a monthly basis to ensure that we consistently meet Grainger’s and their customers’ expectations at all locations.

We also serve as a Tier 1 approved service partner for Savills, a global real estate management company. Our partnership with Savills extends to more than 30 buildings across six cities, where we provide high-quality FM services that cater to the unique requirements of each location.

Our team of experienced cleaners and qualified technicians identify areas that require targeted cleaning and specialised equipment, ensuring that properties operate seamlessly. We also provide regulatory advice that enables property managers to fulfil their responsibilities and mitigate potential risks.

Trained and trusted

The training we provide our workforce plays a crucial role in our success in collaborating with companies like Savills. Achieving exceptional FM requires a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

We allocate resources towards comprehensive training and development programs to equip our team members with the skills and knowledge necessary to consistently deliver high-quality services.

Our training encompasses various topics, such as compliance, health and safety, customer service, and building maintenance. Additionally, we offer refresher courses to ensure that each team member remains up-to-date with the latest best practices, regulations, and technologies.

At Tudor Group, we urge our team members to participate in professional development courses to enhance their expertise and keep abreast of industry-specific skills. This approach enables our company to remain at the forefront of the latest sector developments and provide clients with innovative, state-of-the-art service.

All the support you need

In addition to providing comprehensive cleaning solutions, we offer an array of other services that property managers may require. For instance, we deliver technical services such as mechanical and electrical, building fabric maintenance, and compliance testing.

Our specialist services include pest control, waste management, and landscaping. You never know what property-related issue may arise next, which is why property managers can have the confidence in dealing with an experienced FM team.

When selecting a partner for your FM needs, why take chances with a newcomer who lacks experience? Or a company that has let you down before? With the extensive expertise of the Tudor Group, you can confidently delegate responsibilities and trust us to tackle any issues before they escalate.

Contact us to receive a customised service plan that meets your specific property management challenges.