Schools, universities and other places of education present special challenges for cleaning and FM. They are often hard-used, high-footfall locations where care must be taken to avoid disturbing students. Therefore, you need a partner with extensive experience in this sector. 

Setting a high bar for standards 

Education facilities demand the highest standards of cleanliness. Learning is one of the most demanding tasks we will face, and learners need a bright, clean location conducive to study. Some learners are more vulnerable to health hazards than others, requiring areas to be cleaned to the highest standards. 

Meeting the specific needs of clients is something we’re proud to deliver as we want to ensure each receives a service that works around their timetable. For example, we have a strong partnership with a special education facility where the AQS team in Cardiff deliver a tailored cleaning regime to meet the specific needs of Ysgol y Deri school in Wales. 

The AQS team, part of the Tudor group and based in Cardiff, Wales, have a number of educational clients, and a wealth of experience in the more specialist areas of educational cleaning. Joanne Davies, Administrative Officer of Cardiff University, is certainly happy with the continuing partnership: 


“AQS have been working with the University since 2012, providing deep cleaning services for University Student Accommodation at the end of each academic year. In the last 4 years this service has been extended to include a house keeping service over the summer period, which they undertake impeccably… if you are looking for a contractor who are able to deliver against your cleaning specification without the need for close management by your University team then look no further.” 


Of course, students and pupils work to fixed timetables for curriculum and testing and will be more affected than an office worker, if a facility needs to be taken out of use due to, say, an identified and unaddressed hygiene issue. 

We understand, therefore, the special importance of making sure everything is just right in these places. We have been part of the team for many years at some educational sites, so it’s not just theoretical knowledge – we care about the school, college or university.  

Different locations need different support. Even if a client has a confident in-house team, education facilities often need a specialist deep clean boost over the summer or short break. We are well used to working with managers or caretakers. In other locations, such as student accommodation, there may be no other cleaning staff to liaise with. 

Or, we can support your caretakers in an ongoing programme, taking responsibility as needed for the less everyday tasks. Here are some of the ways we can help: 

  • Hard FM support such as building maintenance, heating, plumbing etc. 
  • Periodic deep cleans for classrooms, lecture halls and other spaces 
  • Specialist cleaning of areas such as labs, libraries, IT hubs, restaurants, bars and sports facilities 
  • Professional sanitising of high-touch surfaces 
  • Accommodation cleaning 
  • Window cleaning 
  • Steam cleaning and pressure washing where needed 
  • One-off specialist cleaning such as graffiti removal 

Some of the FM services we offer are of vital health importance. This includes protection against COVID – a rigorous sanitising regime is a must for any place of education. Legionnaires’ disease, contracted by inhaling water droplets that contain the legionella bacteria, also requires specific preventative measures. The bacteria are more likely to grow in stagnant water, so measures include the removal of ‘dead-ends’ in plumbing wherever possible, and the flush-out of showerheads and taps For some university clients, we provide a ‘flushing’ service during the periods in which the facilities are in less regular use. 

Support so that you can delegate and move on 

A specialist brings the expectation of a high-quality service. Just as important, perhaps, is the confidence that you can leave us to the job and get on with what matters to you, running your educational establishment. That’s what we offer to numerous schools and colleges, as well as Cardiff & Vale College, Aston University and University of York. Our professional and vetted staff will get on with the job, leaving you to yours. 


If you are responsible for the maintenance of a school, college, university or other educational facility, find out about the services we can offer. Call 0161 789 3550, email or use our contact page.