In the face of changing times and emerging challenges, industries must adapt. We know that the commercial cleaning sector is no exception, something that’s never been clearer as we face the wrought of the pandemic and Brexit in our industry.

The Tudor Group has been a leader in professional cleaning and specialist FM services for over three decades and has been deeply impacted by the changing landscapes of recruitment, primarily due to Brexit and the pandemic.

Still, we are committed to our values, ensuring high service standards are met.

The Impact Is Real

Brexit’s impact on labour supply has significantly influenced our industry. According to a report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), figures from 2021 show that 10 per cent of businesses in our sector had closed down by that October, well above the average.

Whilst we wait on last year’s figures, our firm is in no doubt that Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic have led to considerable recruitment difficulties for cleaning companies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spotlighted the vital role of cleaning professionals. The pandemic underscored the essential role of cleaners in maintaining health and safety in all kinds of environments, from workplaces and schools to public spaces and homes.

This, in turn, has sparked a conversation about the status of cleaners and the need to recognise them as key workers.

A Status Earned

Key worker status is a designation that came into use during the pandemic. Since this status often applies to individuals who perform essential services, we think it’s clear that cleaners deserve to be so designated.

For the cleaning industry, key worker status could mean heightened recognition of the importance of these roles, possibly leading to improved conditions, better pay, and greater job security. It could also ease hiring overseas staff into these roles, as key worker roles are sometimes exempt from certain immigration restrictions.

Whilst we navigate the challenges posed by Brexit and the pandemic, we’re following with interest recent government proposals to help improve post-Brexit recruitment.

Positive Proposals

Downing Street has outlined several proposals to improve the employment landscape after Brexit. A significant change involves modifying the regulations governing the employment of non-UK nationals.

This includes easing the hiring process for specific key sectors, such as the cleaning industry, which has been significantly affected by the Brexit decision. The proposals will, says Mr Sunak, endeavour to simplify the visa process and cut down bureaucratic delays, making it easier for organisations to fill the labour gap created post-Brexit.

There will be an aim, too, to safeguard employees’ rights, regardless of their origin. This will see a stringent emphasis on ensuring fair wages, equitable working conditions, and adequate workplace protections for all employees.

These proposed changes also focus on maintaining high health and safety standards in the workplace, reinforcing the importance of workers’ welfare. These measures aim to create a balanced and inclusive employment landscape that upholds the values of fairness and equity.

We welcome any changes that will help us recruit people easily and fairly, but these are only proposals that remain in the subjunctive phase.

Whilst the government tries to help the situation, we’ll continue creating sustainable solutions for our staff, customers, and society. This involves fair recruitment practices and ensuring a fair wage for all our workers, regardless of their country of origin.

Our Values Will See Us Through

Despite challenges, our outstanding people continue to surpass expectations. Their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence have proven instrumental in overcoming the obstacles presented by Brexit and the pandemic.

We take immense pride in the fact that our staff retention rate remains exceptionally high, a testament to the positive work environment we foster and the value we place on every team member.

We’ll continue to recognise the importance of work-life balance and prioritise the overall health and happiness of our employees. Through various initiatives, such as flexible scheduling options and compassionate management, we have created a workplace that allows our team members to thrive both personally and professionally.

As we move forward, we remain firmly committed to nurturing and retaining our talented workforce.

One aspect of achieving this is simply listening to our teams. Our work – through AQS – at Principality Stadium, Wales’s national stadium requires a lot of collaboration and effective communication and we’re fortunate to have a brilliant team there that strives to deliver excellence. In one of our blogs, we spoke with our stadium cleaning team to find out what they enjoy most about working for AQS.

At the Tudor Group, we remain unwavering in our commitment to our values: safety, quality, passion, accountability, and fairness. These values guide us in all our actions and decisions, from the services we deliver to the relationships we cultivate with our clients, colleagues, and communities.

Fabien Caqueret, Managing Director at The Tudor Group, comments: “We believe in turning these challenges into opportunities for growth and are committed to delivering excellent service no matter the circumstances. We are devoted to brightening the places where people live, work, and play.

“I fully support that cleaners should be given key worker status, which could lead to their status being risen. We must be able to hire the best talent regardless of that person’s national background to help plug the gap in cleaners and offer everyone an equal chance to thrive in this industry.”

Are you interested in a career in facilities management with a forward-looking company that cares? Reach out to The Tudor Group for information on current vacancies.