We are delighted to announce that Adam Parker has joined the Tudor Group as Business Development Director.

Growth is the order of the day for us, both organically and through recent acquisitions. That means managing change and also performing outreach, as we offer a wider range of FM services nationwide. Adam, who joined us in January, will be helping with that.

Tell us a little about your background, Adam.

It’s been a varied career path, including a number of account management and business development roles. For the last three years, I ran the business development team for another FM-provider, giving me a perfect grounding for the work I’ll be doing here at the Tudor Group. In addition, I also ran a company that offered heating and plumbing installation and servicing, so I have hands-on understanding of the work our operatives do, including on the more technical, hard FM side.

My approach generally has centred on building and maintaining long-term relationships, which again is very much at the core of what I’ll be doing here.

Why the move to the Tudor Group?

It’s very exciting to be part of a dynamic and growing team. My role is inevitably outward facing, but there’s a real family feel here; our approach is: look after your people, develop them and make them the best they can be, and everything else will look after itself.

You do see the results of that in things like our retention rate. Just recently, I’ve been getting up to speed with our client list for the educational sector. I was struck by how long we’ve been with many partners, building strong relationships and growing through word-of-mouth recommendations. That’s something that’s great to be a part of.

More personally, I was also attracted to the focus here on sustainability. We’re currently working on how to go chemical-free with the products we use, for example, and we’ve established various waste management programs throughout our offices to recycle plastics and cut down on paper usage. We collaborate with our clients to deploy cutting-edge techniques and technologies that mitigate environmental harm and reduce resource consumption.

What else would you say sets the Tudor Group apart?

Perhaps it sounds a bit clichéd, but we really do go the extra mile. If someone has an emergency that must be addressed immediately, or a one-off project that isn’t a standard service for us, we’ll always be there to help. We also offer a lot of specialist services that our partners might not regularly need. But they like it that if they suddenly do need graffiti removal, say, they don’t have to figure out who to turn to because we’re there as a one-stop shop.

You’re only a few weeks into the job, but can you describe a typical day?

No, I don’t think I can! It’s a very varied role, which is something I enjoy. One day I might be out meeting a new client, the next I might be talking to the operations team, to get a better understanding of some aspect of our services. Or I might be working with my immediate team, perhaps creating materials that explain those services. Generally, one day isn’t like the next.

What else do you enjoy about the role?

Building strong external relationships is key for me of course, but I also very much enjoy seeing our colleagues in action, making a difference for our clients. It’s fantastic to see such a skilled team at work, everyone knowing exactly what they’re doing and completing it like clockwork. And if you’re on site for long enough, you get to see the difference, with the high standards our teams achieve.

Any advice for a young person, starting out in FM?

Find the right company, one that will support you. Then be proactive and willing to think out of the box. Whether you work as an operative or internally, if you notice something that could be improved, go to your manager and suggest the better alternative. This is a sector where people can have a long and fulfilling career, if they apply themselves. Take advantage of that.


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